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Arconol – E9000 Engine Oil Treatment

Just as any machinery, it requires support to be at its best and most efficient performance. Arconol-E9000 Engine Oil Treatment does just that. It works to keep your engine lubricated, clean, safe, and running at its best. It helps reduce friction, preventing the wear and tear it causes. In addition, it prevents noisy lifters, creates smooths acceleration, and prevents acid corrosion.

Arconol E9000 molecules form a lubricating film over the engine parts. The thickness of this film is one-tenth-thousandth of a micron. This film is invisible to the naked eye, but its functions and consequent benefits are hard to miss. For example, the crankcase lubrication created using Arconol E9000 engine oil treatment also helps reduce heat load, emissions, and oil oxidation. Along with this, it also aids in improving fuel economy, horsepower, and engine life.

Regularly using Arconol-E9000 Engine Oil Treatment will help avoid dry starts and engine vibration.

How it Works The secret to Arconol-E9000 Engine Oil Treatment’s efficiency and benefits is its intense dual-level lubrication. It works as a subsurface lubricant, impregnating bearings, and contains a mineral additive four times the lubricity of your standard engine oil. How Does Arconol E9000 Perform? Arconol E9000 molecules stay together in layers, coating the friction parts. These molecules are not interactive with mineral oil molecules or any other product in the engine environment. This feature allows the lubricant to perform seamlessly for a long time and prevent the most common engine/machine issues. The long-lasting performance and elimination of common machine issues by Arconol E9000 bring several benefits. Arconol – E9000 Benefits Discover the Advantages of Arconol – E9000 Advanced Engine Oil Treatment Arconol E9000 Benefits-01   Additional 5 Benefits of Arconol E9000 1. Prevents Clogging The presence of foreign particles, mostly dirt and debris, in engines and machines causes them to become clogged. In addition, the dirt and debris found in machines significantly affect the smaller parts and channels in the engines. Arconol E9000 minimizes clogging in two ways. Firstly, it coats all channels and machine parts it comes into contact with, preventing direct contact with foreign particles. Secondly, some Arconol E9000 molecules spread in the mineral oil to ease movement throughout the machine parts. This keeps the foreign particles moving faster, minimizing their chances of getting stuck in small crevices.   2. Increases Machine Life Less lubrication in a machine means greater friction between its parts. Greater friction between machine parts means more wear and tear and a quicker need for replacement. Arconol E9000 directly prolongs engine and machinery life by coating the machine parts and reducing contact. This allows the lubricant to minimize the friction between the various parts of the machine, keeping them running smoothly for longer. In addition, the thin layer of Arconol E9000 molecules also allows it to coat itself in the smallest spaces between the machine parts.   3. Increases Machine Efficiency By reducing the friction between machine parts, Arconol E9000 also reduces the speed at which they experience wear and tear. As a result, the machine parts do not require frequent cleaning or replacement as they do otherwise. Since over 70% of machine parts require replacing due to corrosion and abrasion, using Arconol E9000 results in the machine requiring less maintenance and working longer without experiencing any hiccups. Thus, Arconol E9000 also increases the efficiency of the machines.   4. Saves Energy and Fuel A battered, worn, and torn machine requires more fuel to perform the same function that a well-maintained or newer machine performs using less fuel. Therefore, by minimizing the wear and tear on the machine parts and keeping up its efficiency, Arconol E9000 helps save fuel.   5. Conserves Environment With machines requiring less fuel, electricity, and resources to perform their best, considerable resources are saved. In this way, using Arconol E9000 promotes the conservation of your machinery. Arconol E9000 also saves the environment by reducing the heat generated by the machine. With over 96% of environmental pollution created by industries, a dramatic decrease in the production of heat and waste from various industries can positively impact the climate worldwide. These five benefits are the most important, but they are only some of what the use of Arconol E9000 brings. Here are some more minor benefits of Arconol E9000:
  • Reduces exhaust emissions by as much as 20%
  • Offers energy savings of up to 15% for electricity and fuel usage
  • Lowers oil temperature by as much as 10° C
  • It increases performance duration.
  • It reduces inrush currents.
  • It minimizes the noise by reducing the machine vibrations.
  • It prevents oil evaporation.
  • It reduces oil consumption.
  • It is resistant to high temperatures and pressure.
  • It prevents fine oil leaks.
  • It minimizes the formation of ash on machine parts.
  • It reduces carbon formation.
  • It prevents rusting of machine parts.
  • It increases the life of filters in machines.
  • It helps the machine perform at an ideal pressure and temperature.
  • Increased power output for turbines and compressors.
  Above all, the inability of Arconol E9000 molecules to interact with foreign molecules keeps them intact for longer. A little Arconol E9000 goes a long way. Treating Ratio: 1 Liter Arconol E9000 treats 50 Liters of Oil (1:50)
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