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Arconol D40 - Advanced Fuel Catalyst

Developed and perfected over two decades of research and development, Arconol Fuel Catalyst has been tested successfully worldwide with more than 10 billion miles.

Arconol D40 is a non-toxic liquid fuel catalyst that offers a scientific approach for the immediate and significant reduction of fuel usage and eliminates combustion pollutants. Arconol D40 will enhance the standard chemical process of oxidation through ionization by giving additional power to the standard combustion process while creating higher-level alpha particle emissions and oxygen.

How does it work?

Fuel efficiency is improved, and emissions are reduced when Arconol D40 is added to the fuel before it is burned. Arconol D40 modifies the molecular structure of fuel, leading to improved oxygenation and a more efficient combustion process. This enhanced combustion yields greater energy output for the engine while simultaneously reducing fuel consumption. By optimizing the fuel combustion, Arconol D40 boosts engine performance and helps achieve fuel efficiency.

Better engine performance is achieved by adding oxygen to fuel. As a result, Arconol D40 improves the efficiency of engines while reducing fuel consumption by as much as 25%.


Emission Reduction with Arconol:

Independent researchers have conducted a large number of tests and found that Arconol D40 is effective in lowering emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx), particulate matter (PM), carbon monoxide (CO), and hydrocarbons (HC) by an average between 25% to 80%.


Arconol and Other Fuel Catalysts:

Most fuel additives fall into one of four categories: cleaners, lubricants, cetane/octane boosters, or combustion boosters. Arconol D40 does not contain cleaners or solvents, yet it does clean the inside of an engine. By ionizing the air, Arconol D40 improves the chemical process of oxidation (fuel burning) and produces a secondary reaction that releases more energy into the normal combustion process. Research has outlined some of the impacts of this reaction on the detection of alpha particle emissions at higher points and oxygen production.


Industrial Approach:

The use of Combustion Catalysts has several benefits. Arconol D40 makes burning fuel or gas more efficient and cleaner. In addition to less soot, smoke, pollutants, and regenerations, better fuel efficiency and higher power occur from total combustion. Arconol D40 is useful for a wide range of on-road and off-road machinery. It makes sure that fuel and gas burn more thoroughly and cleanly. With the use of Arconol D-40 you can expect improved fuel efficiency and more power.


Arconol – D40 Benefits

Discover the Advantages of Arconol – D40 Fuel Catalyst

Arconol D40 Benefits-01
Arconol D40 Benefits-01

Additional Benefits of Using Arconol D40:

1. Arconol D40 improves fuel efficiency by breaking lengthy hydrocarbon chains, allowing fuel molecules to connect with more oxygen molecules, leading to increased atomization and vaporization in that specific application.

2. Lowers the engine’s octane requirement, allowing normal fuel to be used in place of Premium with no loss of performance.

3. Injector and catalyst failures are often caused by carbon particles, which are removed from the engines once Arconol D40 is added.

4. Removes carbon and combustion chamber deposits, hence reducing engine wear.

5. Benefits the longevity of the engine’s oil, spark plugs, and filters.

6. Saving on maintenance (extended TBO and lower consumption of valves).

7. Extended duration of components and assemblies (double operational life of valves and turbo-compressors).

8. Reduced formation of sludge and lower treatment costs ( reduction between 50% to 70%) and fewer stoppages for cleaning turbo-compressors (reduced by half).

9. Greater production of steam in associated boilers with reduced incrusted residues.

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